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Data Engineer [JVM-based Languages] at Colaberry Data Analytics

Does combining Functional & Object-Oriented Programming excite you? This role would have you responsible for building a new generation of connected systems, devices and information. You will partner with hardware and software engineers to build real-time distributed scalable systems.

You will work on a team to drive technology decisions (tools, protocols, languages, devices) for platforms that do not have a parallel in industry. The platforms you build will be used to accelerate and streamline the R&D pipeline for researchers across the globe. 

Your projects are likely to span our stack: from data processing pipelines, to services, to infrastructure automation.


  • 2 - 4+ years of significant, demonstrated experience building and shipping production software, preferably in a startup or small-team setting.

  • Minimum 2+years of experience with Clojure, Java, or another JVM-based language. 

  • A level of comfort working in a functional programming language: our codebase is largely Clojure and Scala [either nice to have]

  • Working understanding of the modern data processing toolset: SQL and NoSQL databases, batch and streaming data processing tools, what they are good for and how they fit together.

  • Provides data engineering development services within an AWS environment and associated technical support typically in a defined technology platform. 

  • Experience with AWS / container-based architecture is a strong plus. (EC2, S3, SQS, etc.) 

  • A desire to learn is essential.

  • A collaborative attitude, strong desire to succeed as part of the team, and self-motivation.