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Software Engineer (UK based) at Overloop

*Please only apply if you are currently based in the UK, applicants from outside the UK will not be considered*

This is an exciting opportunity to work on a NEW project with the possibility of some international travel!

We're looking for a UK based engineer with Python, MySQL and Kafka experience to join Overloop. We are a close-knit small team, committed to quality code, processes that work, honesty, and seeing things through to completion. A typical working day will involve a 20 minute catch up call to kick off the day, reviewing screen mock-ups and/or bug reports, coding, discussing over Slack and Google Hangout, creating a github PR, getting the PR reviewed and seeing your code get to production to make a difference for our clients.

Overloop employees currently work remotely from around Europe so when we meet up, a typical day is pretty similar but in great locations - previously Marseille, Rome and Barcelona, Milan, Budapest, and Lisbon up next! - and with the addition of breakfast, lunch and dinner in cafes and restaurants and face time instead of slack and Hangouts.

Are you the right candidate?

We are looking for a UK based Software Engineer with experience in:

  • Python¬†

  • Flask

  • MySQL

  • Kafka

  • AWS

  • Jenkins

  • Micro service architecture¬†

  • JSON

  • Swagger

Experience in the following areas would be a benefit: AWS Kinesis, AWS Lambda, Snowflake, Docker, React JS, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP and a Computer Science degree