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Technical Product Manager - Delivery Platform at Heetch

Read before applying:

We're a young company iterating over our remote culture so for now, we're only working with people in locations where the time zone is: -3 hours > Paris time zone < +3 hours

Delivery Platform Team @Heetch

The Delivery Platform team's mission is to provide a fast, reliable and scalable continuous delivery platform to support the growth of all Heetch' engineering teams. Our platform and tools are used by developers every day and, empower them by reducing the time to market of a feature, from the time we have an idea, to the time a feature is available to all our passengers and drivers.

Our team's values

  • Move smart: we measure everything and employ tools and standards to ship code quickly and safely (continuous integration, code review, automated testing).

  • Distribute knowledge: we want to scale our team to a point where our contributions do not stop at the company code base. We believe in the Open Source culture and communication with the outside world.

  • Unity makes strength: moving people from A to B is not as easy as it sounds but, we always keep calm and support each other.

  • Always improve: we value personal progress and want you to look back proudly on what you’ve done.

  • Ship small but often: we consistently deliver value to developers to avoid building up frustration caused by long development cycle

  • Automate all the things: we believe that most maintenance and manual actions can be automated to reduce friction, mistakes and offers a better scaling of the delivery pipeline.

  • Strong ownership: our team has a broad scope of responsibilities and internal customers whom we serve to the best of our ability.

What will be your role?

By joining the team, you'll be in charge of shaping the future of our platform by driving product development that delights our engineers. Ultimately you will enable developers to ship code as fast as possible while ensuring reliability & performance.

Does it sound like you?

  • You have a Computer Science degree or other engineering degree equivalent.

  • You have 3 years of product management.

  • You have experience delivering highly successful and innovative developer productivity platforms.

  • You have a strong understanding of continuous integration systems and concepts.

  • You're able to collaborate and communicate on a global scale with multiple engineering teams to help figure out gaps in our tooling and infrastructure and help drive solutions.

What will you do?

  • Build product strategy and define end-to-end development experiences for all engineers across all of our businesses.

  • Be responsible for all aspects of the delivery platform, from continuous integration, continuous deployment, testing, and release.

  • Keep a laser focus on other engineering teams' productivity, efficiency, and reliability.

  • Collaborate actively with a wide mix of infrastructure engineers, backend engineers, data engineers, and mobile engineers, to figure out the most impacting solutions to build.

  • Deliver love and happiness to other developers by empowering them to deliver apps and services at full pace and scale.

What's next?

If your application is selected, the process will be composed of 4 steps:

  1. Non-technical interview with the Engineering Manager of your potential team (1h30)

  2. Take home assignment (~5 days deadline)

  3. Interview with your future teammates (1h)

  4. Day on site (Paris) to meet your future stakeholders